The Torsten Andersson Foundation was founded by the artist on 4 January, 2007. His primary objective was that the Foundation should preserve and manage the works he donated to it, keeping the collection intact for the future, and making works and other material available for art historic research on Swedish contemporary art, and especially the founder’s own artistic practice.

Each year, an exhibition is organised in Benarp, where Torsten Andersson lived and had his studio. The exhibition is open for one day, 6 June – the artist’s birthday.


  • John Peter Nilsson chairperson
  • Bengt Adlers member
  • Gert Andersson member
  • Lars Nittve member
  • Curt Sjödell member
  • Johannes Andersson alternate member
  • Paul Fägerskiöld alternate member
  • Susanne Forsman adjunct member


§ 1

The purpose of the Foundation shall be to promote interest and scientific research in the field of contemporary Swedish art, and especially the Founder’s artistic practice.

§ 2

The Foundation shall fulfil its purpose by preserving and managing the works of art donated by the Founder to the Foundation, keeping the collection intact for posterity, mainly in the studio building that was donated to the Foundation.

The Foundation shall also provide access to works and other material for activities in the field of art historic research.

The Foundation’s collection shall be available for exhibitions on site in the studio building in accordance with special decisions by the board of directors, subject to the Founder’s permission as long as he is still living. According to the Founder’s express desire, a public show shall primarily be organised annually, on 6 June.

The Foundation may also lend all or parts of the collection to museums or similar exhibition organisers for shows.

§ 3

Works belonging to the main collection may not be sold without special permission from the supervisory government organisation for foundations.

Works from the storage collection shall be kept in a storage facility in the studio. The Foundation’s board of directors may decide to sell these works. Sales may be made to individuals who have expressed an interest in buying, but also through galleries, art dealers or auctions. Decisions on sales and completed sales shall be recorded in the minutes. Funds raised by selling works from the storage collection shall be used to cover the Foundation’s operating costs.

§ 4

The Foundation may accept provisions, grants, donations and other funding from natural persons or legal entities wishing to support the Foundation’s cause. Such funds shall be included in the Foundation’s capital. However, the Foundation may refuse a donation that is given on conditions that are deemed incompatible with the Foundation’s purpose or unsuitable on other grounds.

§ 5

The Foundation’s current assets, works of art, studio and other assets shall be managed in a way that is compatible with the Foundation’s purpose and activities. Works of art and the studio shall be insured to a limited extent. Maintenance of the studio building must not be neglected. The Founder’s intention is that both its interior and exterior shall be kept tidy and in good repair.

§ 6

The Foundation shall be governed by a board of directors consisting of five titular members and two to five alternate members. The Founder is automatically a member of the board as long as he so wishes. Other members are appointed the first time by the Founder. Thereafter, the Foundation appoints its own board.

The Foundation selects a chairperson and other positions from among its members.

Additional persons with specialist knowledge and interest in the fields covered by the Foundation’s purpose can be appointed as adjunct members.

When more than half of the Foundation’s board members are present, they constitute a quorum. For issues requiring a simple majority, the chairperson has the deciding vote in the case of a tie.

The board may decide to reimburse board members for expenses such as travel or specially demanding tasks.

§ 7

The signatories of the Foundation are the board members or persons appointed as such by the board.

§ 8

The Foundation’s financial year is the calendar year.

§ 9

The Foundation board appoints an auditor for the Foundation. The auditor shall be an approved or certified public accountant.

§ 10

The Foundation’s board shall be based in the County of Skåne.
After the death of the Founder, the Foundation shall be under the supervision of the County Council of Skåne.

§ 11

The Foundation’s board of directors may, in consultation with its Founder, and without permission from any supervisory government organisation, revise, rescind or, in particular situations, make exemptions from a clause in the statutes in matters that do not concern the Foundation’s purpose. Decisions of this nature require a unanimous vote by the board in support of the proposed revisions.

Revisions of the Foundation’s purpose or a decision to dissolve the Foundation require permission from a supervisory government organisation.

In the event of dissolving the Foundation, Swedish museums and comparable public institutions shall be given the opportunity to choose works from the Foundation’s collection, after permission from the board. Any remaining works of art shall be offered to the Founder’s legal heirs. This also applies to the Foundation’s studio building.

Benarp, 4 January, 2007
Torsten Andersson


Torsten Anderssons stiftelse / The Torsten Andersson Foundation
c/o Carnegie Investment Bank AB
FAO Susanne Forsman
SE-103 38 Stockholm